Technical Services

IT Integrity's technical services encompasses both enterprise architecture and project services. Our Enterprise Architects are often involved in the management consulting engagements from an analysis and design perspective, this provides a consistent approach from detailed design through to project implementations.


When it comes to technology integration services IT Integrity have extensive knowledge and experience in various projects including upgrades and redesigns. 

We provide program and project management services which ensure that interdependent projects and solutions are successfully implemented and integrated into our client’s environment, taking into account competing priorities, scarce resources and technical requirements.

We also ensure that solution designs we develop incorporate all end-to-end interface requirements in respect of networks, hardware, software and data as well as operational and support processes.

IT Integrity will work with you to develop and implement business continuity plans as well as associated disaster recovery plans which ensure the ongoing operation, critical to your business operations.


IT Integrity assist our clients as they transition their organisation to the new environment created by the implementation of new major information technology solutions.

We do this by providing an organisational change service where we will directly fulfil, or mentor an internal client representative in the role of Organisation Change Manager. This role is responsible for minimising hiccups that may result in the implementation phase plus management of the overall impact a significant change has on an organisation.

This includes

  • Facilitating the delivery of key organisational change success elements such as creating a change vision
  • Communicating the change vision and its associated benefits
  • Securing senior management and critical stakeholder support
  • Developing an effective change education
  • Training and support programs
  • Pro-actively countering resistance to the change
  • Monitoring the successful implementation of the change and embedding the change into the organisational culture.

IT Integrity also provides support transition services such as development of training programs and material, development of end-to-end work flows, data flows and operational processes. Instructions to document the new way of processes and provision of mentoring services are also given to key personnel to empower them to take on key ownership and leadership roles moving forward.