Support and Maintenance

IT Integrity has a flexible and transparent Support and Maintenance offering that ensures the efficient and effective operation of our client’s business. IT Integrity has experienced support centre professionals based in Australia that cover all support areas including: monitoring and management of systems, backups, full service desk offering, ICT procurement services and more.


IT Support and Support Models are critical to the operation of all technology dependent organisations. IT Integrity works with its clients to ensure that all aspects of their support requirements are catered for, firstly taking into consideration the clients internal capacity and capability and then working with the client to determine the most suitable vendors to provide the required support based on the organisations technology investment.

Where appropriate IT Integrity offers a range of information technology support services to its clients to ensure there are no gaps in the clients overall Support Model.

These include the provision of general Level 1, 2 and 3 support in respect of solutions which IT Integrity has developed and implemented, information technology infrastructure under our control and a range of server and desktop systems.

IT Integrity offers a range of support services delivery models, including regular on site engineering support, block hours reactive service agreements, Monitoring and Selective Service (MaSS) Agreements and a full Managed Service Agreement model.


IT Integrity has built strong long term relationships with it’s clients by providing recommendations based on observations and experiences whilst working together. Internally within IT Integrity it is encouraged and expected that any opportunity observed by any one of our team members, to provide constructive recommendations that will improve a clients business and technology outcomes, should be raised via the appropriate channels. When this happens we will have an internal discussion to determine the possible options and then provide this feedback to our client.

More often than not, the client is already aware of the gaps, issues, or challenges that we have identified, however quite often the options that we present to mitigate this have not been considered. This goes to the very core of our why IT Integrity exists and demonstrates that our Mission and Values are more than just words to us, they are ingrained within our team.

IT Integrity provides its clients with recommendations, based on the latest best practice principles and emerging trends.