Management Consulting

IT Integrity works with client's Executive Leadership Teams and Boards to ensure clarity of commercial business goals and expected outcomes. At IT Integrity we believe that the client's business strategy and operational plans should drive the technology investment decisions and the technology should enable the business to achieve it's commercial goals and expected outcomes.

IT Integrity Management Consulting


Before a technology strategy and plan can be formulated, strategic and operational business plans need to be agreed on by all members of the organisation's Executive Leadership Team. The business strategy should drive the technology investment decisions made and the technology should enable the business to achieve it’s commercial strategy.

It is for this reason that IT Integrity’s consulting services encompass commercial management consulting. Often when we are engaged by clients to assist with the development and implementation of a technology strategy, we find that there is pre-requisite work required to collaboratively formalise and communicate the clients business strategy.

From a technology perspective, the prioritisation and accountability of the technology strategy and operational plan should be aligned directly to the expected outcomes of the business strategy and operational plan.

IT Integrity has developed a structured Due Diligence process which utilises industry best practice frameworks and models to perform these consulting engagements. This is often the first engagement performed with a new client.


IT Integrity has been operating for over 15 years and have consulted with businesses in all stages of their life cycles. 


IT Integrity provides business analysis services to our clients to assist with making insightful business development and investment decisions. These take into consideration industry best practice models, the changing marketplace and the accelerated rate of technological innovation.


Our analysis services enable clients to:

  • Review and analyse current business and information technology strategies
  • Identify opportunities and threats facing the business as a result of these strategies
  • Specify and evaluate solutions which will enable the client to successfully respond
IT Integrity Analysis

IT Integrity will also work with you to design and develop organisational structures and business processes to support the effective operation of your information technology solutions.

IT Integrity Design


IT Integrity works with clients to develop a hierarchy of architectures for their business from organisation-wide architecture that incorporates business, information data, applications and technical infrastructure layers right down to specific solution based architectures which align with the current enterprise architecture.

We develop discrete solution designs including appropriate hardware, software and network elements which align with the overall solution architecture to meet your specific functional requirements. With industry trends moving more towards Cloud Computing, this is an area we have grown to specialise in. Cloud Computing refers to using the internet to access computers and servers offsite. These offsite premises store the data and applications for use and means that a business doesn’t need to set up a huge infrastructure in house.

Once the detailed design has been performed, IT Integrity works on behalf of our client to specify and facilitate request for proposals from vendors. We have proven structured processes to review, evaluate and negotiate vendor proposals and agreements.