IT Integrity was established in 2001 with an ethos to provide unbiased advice to organisations that would assist them in achieving their business objectives and overcome business issues and challenges through the use of technology.


Historically business owners, CEO’s and executive leadership teams have relied on two major external parties for advice whenever setting business goals and objectives, or trying to overcome issues and challenges they were faced with – these were a Lawyer and an Accountant. In today’s technological world, every business should have a similar relationship with a Technologist.


IT Integrity was born to provide this service, one where we (IT Integrity) develop a long standing relationship with our clients, learning more and more about the client’s business over time in order to be able to assist them quickly at times of need and work with them to grow and succeed.


While IT Integrity has relationships with all major industry vendors, we have no financial commitments to any of them. Our commitment is to our clients to ensure that we take the mystery of technology away for them and help them to focus on whatever it is that they do best – their products and services. Our client’s success, has directly resulted in our own success.