Vendor Independent IT Professionals

At IT Integrity we firmly believe in doing what’s right for our clients. Whilst we have relationships with many vendors in the industry, we will never financially commit to any vendor with regards to revenue targets. We make unbiased recommendations based on your specific needs and budget, finding solutions that work with the technology that you have already invested in. While we focus on leveraging your current investment, if it is clear that this is not going to achieve the business goals and commercial outcomes, IT Integrity will advise the appropriate options and work collaboratively with you and your team to formulate and execute the agreed solutions.


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Management Consulting

IT Integrity works with client's Executive Leadership Teams and Boards to ensure clarity of commercial business goals and expected outcomes. At IT Integrity we believe that the client's business strategy and operational plans should drive the technology investment decisions and the technology should enable the business to achieve it's commercial goals and expected outcomes.

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Technical Services

IT Integrity's technical services encompasses both enterprise architecture and project services. Our Enterprise Architects are often involved in the management consulting engagements from an analysis and design perspective, this provides a consistent approach from detailed design through to project implementations.

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Support & Maintenance

IT Integrity has a flexible and transparent support and maintenance offering that ensures the efficient and effective operation of our client’s business. IT Integrity has experienced support centre professionals based in Australia that cover all support areas including: monitoring and management of systems, backups, a full service desk offering, ICT procurement services and more.

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